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Kanye West Is More Of A Deity Than A President.

Kanye West is God. He has said so himself in songs and in the media, his fans would seemingly agree because there is even a church created around his alter ego ‘Yeezus’ (though it’s hard to imagine Yeezianity giving the bigger religions a run for their money). Kanye has millions of followers sacrificing their time and money on hearing his teachings and views on the world. He has disciples such as Jay Z and Nikki Minaj ready to sing (or rap) his praises and spread his word. He even has his own Mary Magdalene in the form of Kim Kardashian. So what would any great god do with all that power? Run for president of course!

At the 2015 MTV Music Video Awards Kanye announced that he will be running in the 2020 presidential race. Though many people thought this was classic Kanye ramblings especially as he’d just said he smoked “a little something” before his speech, others have taken this strange announcement as the start of Kanye’s campaign to the White House. If we really see Yeezus running for President its Bound 2 be exciting, only problem is the presidential elections are filled with questions on how religious a candidate is and I don’t think a 4 minute rap where Kanye tells everyone he is god will go down well at the live debates.

From the creation of the United States every President has been Christian. Presidents such as Jimmy Carter have run elections on the premise that their faith is the reason they are a good candidate and clearly the morals of a good Christian man is more endearing to the voters than the morals of a rapper. Rappers are known to be sexually deviant drug using criminals, not the sort of people you want running the country. ‘Good honest Christians’ on the other hand could be seen to have the right morals for one of the most important jobs in the world. Every big name for the 2016 presidential election has spoken at events held by the Iowa Faith and Freedom coalition and as a candidate making sure that everyone knows you are a Christian makes good political sense. Yet in this current campaign season there have been accusations against some candidates beliefs with Donald Trump and Ben Carson both claiming they are more pious than the other.

Barrack Obama managed to prove that a self-made man with a different skin pigmentation from the norm could be president, so Kanye could follow in his footsteps. Though even Obama had his Christianity questioned in his election campaign with a lot of right wing media saying he was a Muslim or an atheist (two of the most hated groups in America). Obama’s faith is still questioned even though he is a prominent church goer and has often talked about his own faith. The fact that his religion became such a hot topic for both of his campaigns shows that having a Christian president is important for American voters and anyone seen to be of a different religion or of no religion will struggle to find support.


Kanye West dressing like the house he wants.

   Credit: Pacific Coast News

Super PACs are political collectives who help fund election campaigns through unlimited, and mainly anonymous donations from unions, companies and individuals. Super PACs have become a key part in running any election and this makes candidates become gold diggers looking to raise money for their campaigns by attempting to appeal to certain super PAC’s ideologies. Though super PACs cannot collude with the official campaign they are instead free to run smear campaigns and spend money in ways an official campaign can’t. Christian groups are involved in raising money for super PACs and often have their own PACs. With their tax free dollars churches have a prerogative to keep Christians in power.  With a large amount of election funding coming from super PACs it would be nearly impossible for Kanye to run for president without them on his side, Kanye may be a rich man but he’s not Donald Trump level rich.

super pacs

A list of Christian Super PACs already involved in the 2016 election. Source

Because Kanye is god it would be sacrilegious to say that he could never be president, John F Kennedy managed to become President and he was Roman Catholic! Kennedy’s faith was a big deal during his campaign because people thought he’d give up some of his presidential power to the Vatican. Kennedy was stuck between a rock and a hard place during his campaign with republicans fearing his Catholicism would damage the nations secularisation Catholics accusing him of putting his ambitions of being president over his duty as a catholic. Kanye has no higher order to give up power to because he is the highest power. He is harder, better, faster and stronger than any religious sect.

Though it is easy to poke fun at the things Kanye says (like these times) and anyone who claims to be a god must be a little egotistical in all actuality Kanye may well be very similar to past presidents. Kanye is self-made (like LBJ). He’s had some legal issues (like all of these presidents). Kanye also dropped out of college (9 presidents never made it to college). He also has very little political training (like these 5). Finally, though he may say he is a god in all actuality Kanye West is an affluent married Christian male who sometimes says things he shouldn’t and loves the attention of the public, the perfect presidential candidate in my eyes.

Finally, if America is ready for religious musicians to go into politics can I nominate Hillsong for the supreme court?


Laurence Cresswell.


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