Religion and Politics in the US

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The Republican Party and the US as a Christian country

This political cartoon shows the issue of the Republican Party’s belief that the US is a Christian nation. This in turn, leads the party to want Christian beliefs to influence … Continue reading

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Kanye West Is More Of A Deity Than A President.

Kanye West is God. He has said so himself in songs and in the media, his fans would seemingly agree because there is even a church created around his alter … Continue reading

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In God 76% of us Trust: The Decline of Christianity in the United States and its effects upon Religious Rhetoric

Image from Atheist Meme Base Adopted as the official motto of the United States in 1956, ‘In God we Trust’ has been ingrained into the American psyche since the origination of the … Continue reading

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“His Will Be Done,”; Does God have a place in current US politics?

Sen. Ted Cruz – On God’s Role In His Fight – The Brody File – click here for the video In a recent interview with CBN regarding the government shut … Continue reading

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Church and State how deep should the divide go?

“Americans today should be free as the Founders were to pray,” So says David A. Courtman in the latest round of a subject that has been debated since the founding … Continue reading

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What is Christian Libertarianism and can they truly be seen as Christian?

What is Christian Libertarianism? According to Murray Rothbard, the group began to emerge in the mid-17th century during the European colonization of the Americas. They are a Christian group who … Continue reading

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“In God We Trust” – Do ‘We’ all agree?

The phrase “In God We Trust” made its first appearance on the American coins in 1864, and later on the paper currency in 1957.  But recently it was announced that … Continue reading

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Can you be a true American if you don’t believe in ‘God’?            The questions of what it means to be an American, and whether the US is a Christian nation have become seemingly intertwined. From inaugural Presidential speeches to the … Continue reading

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# Free Speech…?

(Source: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the hundreds more that exist, welcome to the world of social media. The first words …“Are you on Facebook?” Personal information placed on the internet … Continue reading

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Does America want to protect it’s own notion of being Christian from Islam?

President Barack Obama claimed while in Turkey in 2009, that  “we do not consider ourselves a Christian nation or a Jewish nation or a Muslim nation. We consider ourselves a … Continue reading

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Religious Freedom Day- more like Religious Freedom What?

Set up under George W H Bush’s administration in 1993, Religious Freedom Day occurs every year on 16th January, focusing on the respect and freedom to practise whichever religion one … Continue reading

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Cafeteria Christians

 What are they and why are they a growing trend in America? Most would agree that America is a country with a huge Religious influence. A new trend of Christian … Continue reading

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