Religion and Politics in the US

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Kanye West Is More Of A Deity Than A President.

Kanye West is God. He has said so himself in songs and in the media, his fans would seemingly agree because there is even a church created around his alter … Continue reading

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“His Will Be Done,”; Does God have a place in current US politics?

Sen. Ted Cruz – On God’s Role In His Fight – The Brody File – click here for the video In a recent interview with CBN regarding the government shut … Continue reading

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Catholic Vote Anti-Abortion Campaign Video of 2009

“Life. Imagine the potential”, says Catholic Vote’s campaign video against abortion, a movement of “a community of patriotic Americans who believe our nation’s founding principles are good and true, and … Continue reading

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Should religion influence your vote?

  It is undeniable that US presidential campaigns over the years have often been heavily focused on the candidates own faith. Even the most recent election in 2012 could not … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney and the Presidential Litmus Test

Most commentators would agree that Mitt Romney’s failed presidential campaign of last year suffered from a number of problems, most of which, it must be said, stemmed from the candidate’s … Continue reading

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